Hi, I am Anthony Garza.

I am a late-comer to the world of photography, but I'm no stranger to taking pictures of people, places, things, and especially animals. I'm also the owner of Paws On Durham Pet Sitting, so I've had A LOT of practice photographing clients' beautiful animals. I literally have thousands of pictures of the animals I've cared for...Literally!

So what makes me stand out from other area photographers? I believe it's my desire to succeed in everything I do. Some people may think that taking photographs is easy, and to some it may be, but to a photographer, making vs. taking a picture is key to the process. Making a photograph is an art...a vision of a subject(s). Like a painter to a canvas or a sculptor to marble, a photographer uses the camera to express creativity, structure, composition, color, etc. There are a ton of details to consider when planning a photoshoot, and I strive to be prepared for the special day. From planning all my shots, to toting all my equipment...I'll make your photoshoot special and successful.

Let's make art together!